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I've listened to the Wise interview. He actually wrote some of my favourite episodes of the original (whether it was the deeply silly nostalgia I have for Rebirth or War Dawn which I think is actually extremely good) and I thought the interview on the Rhino DVD was excellent, especially for shooting down the "There were loads of unaired season 4 episodes" stuff.

The Moonbase 2 interview initially starts off making him look like an egotistical twerp; claiming the success of the films is entirely down to the cartoon making sure people know who the characters are (and effectively disproving that moments later by not being able to remember Jazz' name) or that he's was the secret creator of Turtles. But once it gets going it gets a lot better and more fun and he wins points for answering the Dion question with "Who?"

So in short, I've huge problems with him returning to the franchise.
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