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But once it gets going it gets a lot better and more fun and he wins points for answering the Dion question with "Who?"
The cartoon writers are absolute ****ing gold for this sort of stuff. Furman might only really remember so much about Transformers because he's never had any work on a proper comic, but at least he gives a shit.

The Don Glut interview with Zobovor is still a landmark - before then, there were still scores of idiots who claimed the cartoon was well-made stuff with scripts that really mattered and took full account of the wide range of characters avaliable. And then the unflushable Glut floats to the top of the cesspit and admits he wrote the Dinobots as they were because they were dinosaurs. Epic. Series downgraded from alleged high point of Transformers fiction to shabby nostalgia overnight... Though I still can't believe a rabid Sunbow fanboy like Zobovor actually ran the thing.

It's not even like the way the thing was just a job for Budiansky, one he did for too long and has been surpassed by other jobs he liked more. The cartoon writers just didn't give a shit at the time, and largely remember not giving a shit. Some of the names are cropping up on Challenge of the Gobots too, and they seem to have the same damn plots for the most part... Must've been great being a cartoon writer in the mid-1980s - come up with a script with a basic plot (preferably just a lift of something else, like travelling back in time or a cloning machine or something) and good lesson welded onto the end (something about how everyone's got their uses even if they aren't obvious at first, or friendship shining through), then ship it to Transformers, Gobots, G.I. Joe, Visionaries, MotU, Thundercats, etc, etc, etc - you can keep yourself in cigars, cardigans and Reagan bumper stickers for years.
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