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Oh, this is looking really good. I like shooting games and I like transformers. The first movie game was... okay, although there are many parts where they could improve on -- free play, for example. A larger amount of enemy units and weapons actually doing damage would be great. Also, many of the without-enemy missions were boring. For example, Bumblebee inside the Hoover Dam was a real drag.

The second game was better, although the cutscenes were crap in telling what's happening. More playable characters, better controls and animation. However, the boss fights were more... banal. I expected more boss fights in the game. It would've been easy to chuck in a Bumblebee vs Rampage or random Decepticon vs Ratchet fight, but no.

EDIT: I'm liking the preview. Looks like G1 crossed with Animated designs (the axe) done in 3D with semi-Movie detailing. Awesome. Is that a Dark Omega Supreme? It looks impressive and easily seems better than the ROTF and first movie.

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