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Originally Posted by Skidmark View Post
If my suspicions are correct. I'd say that's a generic guardian robot. Who knows? Maybe we'll see the rise of of the Omega Supreme in the game.
Hmm I wonder if generic Guardians might be incorrect, look at the size of him and his firepower, he appears to be portrayed as the Autobot equivalent Decepticon's BFG which is a super sexy Trypticon, so I think it could be Omega.

Yeah I'd hope for some kind of RPG game as well, or possibly 'Gears of Wars' ish, action with a linear , but interesting story. I just saw the transforming highway which Prime arrives on and thought 'Platformer!', Get Iacon Red Key to activate Iacon Bridge to return Ratchet's scalpel so he can save Windcharger who can magnetise this macgguffin......killing Genericons on the way. ...

I'm hoping, like I said, for a 'Gears of Wars' lite actioner with upgradeable kit between missions etc, I don't have the attention span for much else, looks purty though.

EDIT: Oh I read Ganon's link, it appears I may get what I wished for! Although the 'Jet Levels' sound suspect to me, doesn't sound like a lot of transforming will be going on.
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