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I don't know, I can't decide until I've seen closer up shots, especially of the head sculpts. They look good, really good, just not so sure they look like the characters they are meant to portray.

I think the colors are a little too bland in car mode for either of them, maybe some more colors to break it up a little would have been nice. I also think that Starscream has too much white and not enough blue in bot mode. I'll wait till I see actual photos of the toys to make the final call though.

I saw the Bumblebee and Megatron molds in person yesterday though at an anime store, and to be honest I was shocked by just how small they were. I've seen plenty of pictures, but just didn't realize how tiny they are! I have a hard time justifying $50 for a figure that is smaller than a deluxe class toy, when I can get a Binaltech for the same price (at this particular store all their Binaltech's are $49.99 - $54.99).
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