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Power Surge
Airdate: 25 September 1996
Written by: Larry DiTillio
Japanese Title: The Aerial Mountain Explodes

A falcon flies through the skies, over all the general area. However, it was eaten by a passing Terrorsaur. The Predacon discovers a mountain which was floating in the sky, defying gravity. Terrorsaur inspects the bizarre phenomenon, and discovers that it contains massive amount of energon crystals. Terrorsaur transforms into robot mode to take a sample, and a surge of energon flows through him, empowering his systems. Terrorsaur flies back to the Predacon base to overthrow Megatron. From a nearby cliff, Cheetor observes the Predacon.

Outside their base, Megatron shows the rest of the Predacons some newly installed autoguns. Terrorsaur chooses this moment to arrive, and announces his attempt at leadership. Megatron and Terrorsaur come to blows, but the over-energized Predacon easily defeats Megatron, sending the purple saurian tumbling down a cliff and falling apart. Terrorsaur announces to the Predacons stooges that the Maximals are the next target. However, Terrorsaur discovers that his power boost has a short fuse, and hurriedly flies back to the floating mountain to recharge.

Tarantulas, eager to steal Terrorsaur's newfound power, follows Terrorsaur. Scorponok, meanwhile, left alone, without anyone to supervise, convinces Waspinator to help him rebuild Megatron. Meanwhile, Cheetor observes all these, having followed Terrorsaur from the floating mountain. He rushes back to the Axalon and informs his comrades of the situation. Rhinox concludes that a scientific explanation for the floating mountain might be the sheer amount of energon, while Primal and Rattrap head out to destroy the island.

Terrorsaur, meanwhile, having his power-up drained, lands on the floating island, and recharge his powers. This was seen by Tarantulas, who was climbing up a strand of web to reach the island, as well as a Rattrap-carrying Optimus. To give Rattrap time to plant some explosives, Primal engages Terrorsaur in an airborne battle. Although Optimus dodges most of the blasts from Terrorsaur, a well-aimed optic beam hits him, forcing him into beast mode. However, as Terrorsaur was about to deliver the final blow, Terrorsaur's enhancements run out again, and he is forced to go for another recharge.

Meanwhile, Rattrap was ambushed by Tarantulas, and the two battle in their beast modes. Rattrap manages to blind Tarantulas with mud, and the disoriented spider falls off the edge of the island into the ground below. Terrorsaur, arriving, discovers the timed explosives Rattrap had planted and flees in panic without recharging.

The explosives detonate the energon crystal, blowing up the whole mountain. Optimus Primal flies up to carry Rattrap to safety and the duo lands on a tree. Meanwhile, a beaten-up Terrorsaur returns home to meet a Megatron, who is far from pleased to see him.

Featured Transformers: Terrorsaur, Cheetor, Megatron, Scorponok, Tarantulas, Waspinator, Rhinox, Rattrap, Optimus Primal

(Seven cubes out of ten)
Give it a seven. While you never believe for once while watching the episode that Terrorsaur would succeed past this episode, it is rather hilarious to see some of the scenes in the episode. While it's a quick recycling of the numerous Starscream plots from G1, Terrorsaur is at least better played compared to Starscream. At the very least, he tries to find a proper advantage before attempting to overthrow Megatron. Come to think of it, Screamer and Terrorsaur are very similar, aren't they? Both have red in their bodies, both have flying alternate modes, both have whiney voices, both have back-mounted wings in robot mode, both are treacherous...

This early in the series, again I must mention, each episode is standalone, with their own little G1-ish plots. But it works to net children and introduce them to transformers, before going to delve deeper into the plot of why Megatron came to the planet in the first place. But at least they learnt from their mistakes in G1 — Terrorsaur doesn't try to piss off Megatron every single episode, unlike Starscream. In fact, other than this episode and I think 'Double Jeopardy', I don't think Terrorsaur had attempted other coups. Which is a good thing... it gets old after some time. Overall, this is not a stellar episode, but it's good and funny.

Terrorsaur eating the bird in the intro of the episode is a reference to his bio, where it states that he "ingests entire flocks of birds by flying opened mouthed through their flight pattern." The bird, it seems, uses Airazor's beast mode character model.

Cheetor points at a location in a place similarly shaped North America to indicate where the floating mountain is, giving a little foreshadowing that the planet really is Earth.

When Optimus and Rattrap flies towards the mountain, Rattrap makes a reference to the bat Optimus Primal toy, by suggesting that he choose a bat as his alt mode.

This episode marks the first appearance of the Predacons' autoguns.

Terrorsaur quotes Megatron's trademark "Yeesssss" right after he declares "Megatron is scrap!" Ah, the irony.

Optimus Primal seems to quote G1 Whirl's motto when he says "Sometimes crazy works." However, it might be a simple coincidence.

At one point, the 'energy surge' effect on Terrorsaur changes colour from red to blue randomly.

When Terrorsaur recharges for the second time, his body begans to flicker together with the energon.

The floating island is rotating, but Tarantulas, who's scurrying up a webline, doesn't revolve with it. In fact, the webline should've turned along with the island.

Dinobot is absent for the entire episode.

Quote, Unquote

Terrorsaur: "Megatron is scrap, yessss."

Scorponok: "I am second in command!"
Waspinator: "Well?"
Scorponok: "Well what?"
Waspinator: "If you're second in command, what is your command?"
Scorponok: -stops to think-

Optimus Primal: "Sometimes crazy works."

Terrorsaur: "Blast those Maximals! They destroyed my power source! But at least I got rid of Megatron."
Megatron: -steps out of base- "Well, well, look who's back."
Terrorsaur: "Help." -screen fades to grayscale-

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