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Probably just annoy the **** out of the rest of us by tracking down figures/watching episodes and going "This would be so much better if that scientist with the funny voice was in it, stupid Gayformers" or "Why isn't Prowl a ninja, ninjas are the bomb!".

At which point we can fall back on the claim that it's okay for the first season to be a write off (with, of course, a rolling end point - that can be pushed back to the second season, with the ultimate fall-back point that it would have been miles better if it had never finished, never mind that all those early episodes were wasted ****ing around, it's all Hasgayblowjob's fault), that you can't criticise it unless you've watched everything else aimed at the demographic for the past few years, that it's okay because there's the odd "Easter Egg" aimed at manchildren, that funny voices are funny, that some episodes refer to other episodes which is groundbreaking telly, that the toys have knees unlike the Protectobots, and so on.

I'm not fussed about the thing either way, but I'm looking forward to chinning a few hypocrites.
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