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It just strikes me as odd - the way I'd heard it (which could, I'll admit, be bollocks) is that the Movie stuff and Henkei were the best selling TF lines in Japan for many a moon, which makes you wonder why they've decided to go back to the stuff that wasn't selling to the point where they got taken over by a rival...
Isn't this what Takara always did whenever they got any measure of control over the Transformers line? After a few years of Hasbro-controlled lines making the series popular, they go off on a tangent and do their own thing under the mistaken impression that what their fans actually want is something completely different than what they're buying.

I think the big problem is that they don't want to admit that the Western version of Transformers is what attracted most of their fans in the first place. I think that's where things like Masterforce and Kiss Players or Alternity come from -- the idea that making the series more 'Japanese' and/or aiming it at serious mecha fans will make Transformers a runaway hit in Japan. Every time they've tried that it's been a terrible failure, and you'd think they'd learn, but obviously not.
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