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I like the new mold, myself. I have no plans to buy it until after somebody else gets and makes a gallery so I can see not-stock photos, but the whole look seems to complement the movie stuff neatly.
Quiet, Jafanboy scum.

I'd just rather have Transformers that didn't look like generic anime mechs, especially if Takara are going to arbitrarily slap old names on them. I'd also like TF fans to be more discerning about what they spend money on so the rest of us don't get saddled with the fruits of their apathy. And for John Lennon to do some live dates, which is more likely. There are people out there who'll happily chow down on those plastic turds rather than picking up an SoC because Voltes V doesn't have the same name as someone from the G1 cartoon.
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