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I think that's where things like Masterforce and Kiss Players or Alternity come from -- the idea that making the series more 'Japanese' and/or aiming it at serious mecha fans will make Transformers a runaway hit in Japan. Every time they've tried that it's been a terrible failure, and you'd think they'd learn, but obviously not.
Hmm... going to go out on a limb here. I don't think Takara/Tomy has ever tried to make Transformers into a 'serious mecha' type series. I think the closest we got was Binaltech, which had little in the way of actual support. Certainly the bulk of the toylines are more kitsch, or odd-ball, and not really more 'hard core' like the very successful Gundam and Macross lines have been.

Honestly, if Transformers were going to take more cues from Gundam and Macross, that would probably be a good thing overall. But I don't expect it to happen in the near future.
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