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Yeh, Gundam and Macross are aimed at teenagers, and in the West are quite culty on the whole. And to concur, if I want Gundam, I buy/watch Gundam... Gundam (I know next to nothing about Macross beyond the Jetfire/Robotech basic bits you pick up by osmosis...) also has a habit of being terribly po-faced, whereas relatively speaking Transformers as a brand doesn't take itself so seriously. Gundam's probably closer to Star Trek in general profile.

Victory has always struck me as the big attempt to 'do' a sci-fi mech anime Transformers show (with Masterforce as a bridge between that and the American-styled Headmasters), and it basically killed the brand in Japan.

Takara can only really do what they want with the merchandise side of things, and there Binaltech has seen an attempt to do a more Real Robot take on things. And again it basically killed the brand in Japan, because all most Japanese Transformers buyers want is two dozen Convoys and the odd Bumblebee.

It'd be pretty suicidal of them to directly take on Bandai at their own game by trying to move into Gundam territory, so they're best off providing a lighter alternative - which seemed to have worked a bit with the Movie/Henkei lines; cheap and cheerful figures based on what they could remember from G1 and what they'd just seen onscreen. Which is why the desire to revisit Binaltech is something I find so baffling.
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