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The lines that are created exclusively for Japan are different, though. Either they make generic robot anime (Car Robots or Masterforce), niche market stuff (Device Label, the Disney TFs) or they try to compete in the 'serious mecha' market (Alternity, Masterpiece). Regardless of quality none of these ventures seem to be as successful as the main-line Hasbro stuff, which is what I was trying to get across.
You're right in that Masterforce and Car Robots were more 'generic mecha' shows, but they weren't what I had in mind with a 'mecha' approach. I merely meant that aiming for a bit of an older audience, with a more 'grounded' approach to the franchise overall, would help a lot.

Right now Transformers is pretty much the definition of 'short attention span theatre' with an insane amount of intellectual property thrown away every six months. You're not allowing the brand to grow and continue into other fields. Sure, you'll get a 'hit year' with a movie release, etc, but it's not got the staying power.

I really don't think it would. The people who want Gundam or Macross toys already buy Gundam or Macross toys. They're not going to switch allegiances and become Transfans if Transformers gets turned into a clone of those lines. On the other hand, it would be a great way to alienate the Geewun crowd. It probably wouldn't help much when it came to selling the toys to children, either.
It doesn't need to be a clone, but a series with stronger characters, a more mature (not 'adult', and certainly not faux adult like the comics, just something that doesn't actively alienate teenagers) handling of the fiction, and a more grounded toy aesthetic overall. And, perhaps most importantly, quit throwing away the IP every six months!

Binaltech was largely screwed by a) being a bit too much (imagine if the Gundam franchise ONLY had Master Grade models, period), and b) having licensing issues up the wazoo. Henkei was nearly perfect for what I had in mind for a toy range... but the fiction was the usual Takara/Tomy fail.
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