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I really do like the idea, myself. The Mitsuoka Orochi is an awesome car, and the idea to have it transform into a Seeker is pretty appropriate, if one had to choose a car... The design is quite original as well, thanks to the attempt to turn the car into the traditional Seeker robot form. It's nice to have a new car-to-robot transformation model (for the same reason the Ravage Jaguar XK works so well - with similar car/character connotations).

That aside...

The head is rather weird, and the price is way too high... A real shame. Alternity seems a bit of a strange series, with high prices, smaller (than Binalt) scale, few characters, and very hit-and-miss molds.

Takara, in all fairness, are pretty good at coming up with interesting and more adult-aimed designs. They just don't seem so wise in execution or chosing which designs are actually worth marketing.

Despite the total coolness (in my view) of the Seeker-Orochi design, it's a pretty niche figure...
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