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Airdate: 1 November 1996
Written By: Wendy Reardon
Japanese Title: "Make A Dramatic Comeback, Destrons"

Through a spy camera installed in the Predacon base, the Maximals watch as the Predacons scuffle amongst themselves during an experiment with energon crystals. The Predacon troops, convinced by this latest failure, turn on their leader. During the ensuing battle, the energon crystals were detonated which seemingly destroys all the Predacons. As the video feed goes offline, the Maximals watch in a mixture of joy and shock at the revelation that the Beast Wars are over. Heading to the Predacon base to investigate this matter, the Maximals find the base littered with debris as well as random Predacon body parts.

Rattrap is overjoyed at this development, while Dinobot is more somber, lamenting his former comrades. The rest of the Maximals ransack the Predacon base to find parts to repair the Axalon for the trip back to Cybertron. While the repairs are underway, Dinobot confides to Optimus Primal about his reluctance to return to Cybertron, since he might be treated as a war criminal. Dinobot requests to be left behind to tame the planet. Primal tries to convince Dinobot otherwise, but his mind is set. Dinobot wanders around the wilderness while the Maximals prepare for take-off, and find the entire Predacon crew hiding in a crevasse. Apparently they had found the spy camera before, and the whole thing was an act. Megatron plans to steal the repaired Axalon, the stasis pods in orbit and to leave the Maximals stranded on the planet. Dinobot rushes to the Axalon to warn his comrades, with the Predacons in hot pursuit behind him.

Dinobot reaches the Maximals just before the Predacons gun him down. Rhinox informs the other Maximals that the Axalon’s launch cannot be aborted, but Primal and Cheetor rushes out to help Dinobot anyway. Cheetor is able to get Dinobot out of harm’s way, but Primal is shot out of the sky by Scorponok. Before the Axalon could launch, however, Megatron boards the Maximal shuttle.

Megatron takes out Tigatron and Rattrap, but Rhinox flushes him out of the ship. During the battle, however, Megatron’s tail shield/weapon thing was jammed onto the control console, causing the Axalon to plummet back to Earth. Optimus Primal, recovered, flies up with his jet boosters and guides the Maximal ship back to its original place, Superman-style. However, the damage has been done and the Axalon could not fly again.

Featured Transformers: Megatron, Terrorsaur, Scorponok, Waspinator, Dinobot, Cheetor, Optimus Primal, Rattrap, Rhinox, Tarantulas, Blackarachnia, Tigatron

(Four out of ten)
It’s a decent episode, with Megatron’s evil plan actually being something new. However, you never believe for a second that the Predacons are truly dead, no matter how emo Dinobot gets. It’s more of the timing of the episode, really—if it had happened somewhere later in the series, it would’ve been more believable. Also, Megatron’s so-called master plan isn’t very smart at all… if Dinobot hadn’t shown up, the Predacons would still be bickering in the crevasse and the Maximals would’ve launched anyway.

Still, Dinobot steals the spotlight with the wonderful dialogue he has with Optimus Primal as well as Rattrap. It plays directly from his fear of returning to Cybertron seen in ‘the Probe’, and he even quotes Hamlet at one point. It’s a nice touch, littering Predacon parts all over the base to make it look as if the deaths had been real. However, the conclusion is way too convenient for the show. What, a simple sword stab into the control console and the ship could never ever ever fly again? It’s rather stupid, really. Megatron had simply donated a lot of starship parts to the Maximals with his plan. Not one of the best episodes, but still recommended for Dinobot’s scenes.

Dinobot quotes Hamlet. “Alas, Tarantulas. I knew him Cheetor…” This would not be the last time he does so.

When Scorponok shoots Optimus Primal down from the Axalon, it seems to be a reference to the scene where King Kong plummets from the building to his death. It could be coincidental, but then again…

Practically the entire sequence with Primal rescuing the Axalon is a reference to Superman. Rhinox, Rattrap and Dinobot go all “Look in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane!”, although it’s not copied word-for-word. Noticeably, Primal is ‘down in the sky’ instead of ‘up in the sky’, since he flies up from the ground. Primal holding the underside of the ship as it lands is also very reminiscent of Superman, as is the music which accompanies the scene.

When the Predacons shoot Dinobot and he falls, he appears to be floating on the ground for some time after the camera pans to Primal.

When Dinobot is shot down, Primal is in robot mode. After the screen fades out to signal an advertisement, Primal is in beast mode. He transforms into robot mode almost immediately after said break.

When the Axalon falls out of the sky, the CG model is mirrored, so the antennas and whatnot are on the wrong side of the ship.

In the original crash, the Axalon’s rear section was torn apart, with bent fins and much of the hull plating gone. This is even shown in the computer targeting system Tigatron uses. However, when the ship takes off, the Axalon is showroom-clean, with everything in its right place. Where on the Predacon ship could they’ve obtained the fins suitable for the Axalon? And besides, every episode afterwards show the Axalon retaining the hull damage, when it is shown to be repaired this episode.

Quote, Unquote
Rattrap: -sees Predacons begin to bicker- “Now aren’t you glad we’ve got cable?”

Dinobot: “Alas, poor Tarantulas. I knew him, Cheetor… this is the leg that stalked so many victims. That it should come to this…”
Cheetor: “Aw, do you need a hug?”

Optimus Primal: "I understand. Nonetheless, let the records show that I advise against this action. It will eventually lead to your destruction."
Dinobot: "Eventually. Eventually can be a long time, Optimus Primal.”

Dinobot: -sees Primal and Cheetor coming to his rescue- "This is strategically unsound."

Megatron: -to Rattrap- “For now, I shall crush you like a rat in a trap!"

Dinobot: “Look, down in the sky! Is it a bird?”
Rhinox: “Maybe a plane?”
Rattrap: “No, it’s Optimus!”
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