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Double Dinobot
Airdate: 5 Novermber 1996
Written By: Rowby Goren
Japanese Title: "Two Dinobots"

Megatron creates a clone of Dinobot using the Maximal's DNA. This Dinobot Clone possesses a copy of Dinobot's memories as well. However, it is unable to transform into robot mode. Terrorsaur attacks the real Dinobot, trapping him in a cave, before causing a landslide which traps Dinobot inside. Meanwhile, the clone is sent to infiltrate the Maximal Base. The clone tells Optimus Primal that there's a Predacon camp nearby and insists Primal should go investigate. Primal instead sends the fake Dinobot and Rattrap to pinpoint the camp's exact location.

As the two of them arrive at Grid Omega, Rattrap transforms in order to attack the Predacon base. Since Dinobot Clone is unable to transform, he tells Rattrap to stand down because it's a recon mission. When Rattrap crosses a tree trunk over a lava river, Dinobot Clone kicks the bridge out, causing the rodent Maximal to seemingly fall into the lava. Meanwhile, the real Dinobot manages to dig himself out of the rubble.

Dinobot Clone returns to the Axalon to find Optimus Primal alone (Cheetor and Rhinox are on their own missions). The clone fakes an injury, telling Optimus that they discovered the camp under cover of a stealth device and that Rattrap is captured by the Predacons. Primal activates Sentinel and flies off to rescue Rattrap. Alone, the clone tries to deactivate Sentinel, but without the authorization codes from Dinobot or the spark of the Maximal, the computer refuses to comply.

Primal and Cheetor meet up in Grid Omega, and meets up with Rattrap, who uses his nimble skills to escape from a lava waterfall. Rattrap informs Primal and Cheetor of Dinobot's seeming treachery.

The real Dinobot returns to the Maximal base and deactivates Sentinel. The clone, believing he was the one responsible for lowering the shield, calls Megatron to come. The two Dinobot come face-to-face, and the two mimic each other for a while before battling, Dinobot keeping in Beast Mode so as to fight honourably. The clone appears to knock Dinobot out with a cheap shot, and walks out to greet Megatron. Dinobot's eyes slowly open...

Megatron waits outside the base as Dinobot, masquerading as the clone, steps out and flatters Megatron. Apparently the Predacons intend to use Sentinel to destroy the Maximals when they return from Grid Omega. Dinobot activates Sentinel when Megatron is about to enter. Thinking that the Clone had betrayed him, Megatron is somewhat pleased when Dinobot reveals that he is not the clone. The Predacon then retreats when the other Maximals arrive.

The Maximals realise the existence of the Clone. Primal asks Dinobot what happened to it, and Dinobot nonchalantly replied that it was tasty.

Featured Transformers: Terrorsaur, Waspinator, Megatron, Scorponok, Clone 0ne (killed), Dinobot, Optimus Primal, Rattrap, Cheetor, Rhinox

(Eight out of ten)
I really like this episode. Dinobot is one of my favourite characters from the Beast Wars, and undoubtedly one of the most developed in terms of character. While the little scheme of cloning Dinobot is rather reminiscent of that episode in G1 where Optimus Prime got copied, it's refreshing that we don't see the Maximals watching the two Dinobots race each other. Instead, the Clone actually succeeds in infiltrating the Maximal base.

That aside, we get to see the first casualty in Beast Wars—Clone One. It's befitting Dinobot, really, to kill the Clone, after an honourable battle. Between moments of slapstick comedy in the Beast Wars, there are moments like this when some cold-bloodedness is thrown in to make the show more mature. Also, little moments like Megatron being a ham, or Dinobot showing honour by not using his weapons are wonderful touches. And besides... I love the Frankenstein-esque creation of the clone.

The sequence where Megatron clones Dinobot is a homage to Frankenstein. Considering Megs' penchant for melodrama, it could be on purpose—he even selected a gloomy, stormy weather! That aside, the cloning tech is a modified CR Pool.

The Dinobot Clone calls himself 'Clone One' at one point when he radios Megatron, akin to pilot fighters' designations. He's not going to be the last time Megatron cloned Dinobot. Megs has a thing for cloning Dinobot, which is why the Predacon leader acted so pleased when he realised that the clone didn't betray him. Megatron would clone Dinobot twice after this — the rabid Cyber-raptors in 'Cutting Edge' and the intelligent, homicidal Dinobot II in 'Feral Scream'.

When the Dinobots mimic each other's movements like a mirror, it's a homage to the Marx Brothers' movie, Duck Soup.

In a moment of fourth-wall-breaking, Megatron references the normal TV schedule of episodes per week when he says that his revenge would be 'Postponed until next week'. It might be a reference to those shows who say 'tune in next week for...'

Dinobot displays the Clone's hide in his quarters. It could be seen in the episodes 'Maximal No More' and 'Code of Hero'.

A reference to the 'inferno', transformer-speak for 'hell', is made here.

Sentinel recognises spark signatures, yet another reference to the life force of Transformers.

Does Terrorsaur think being trapped in a cave would stop Dinobot? We've seen the Beast Warriors survive more than that. But then again, it's Terrorsaur...

Why does Primal need to send Rhinox, Dinobot, Rattrap and Cheetor separately to recon Grid Omega?

If Megatron could clone transformers, why does he need to reprogram protoforms? Why not just clone a dozen Scorponoks or Dinobots?

Quote, Unquote
Rattrap: (on Dinobot's seeming treachery) "I just knew I smelled a rat, and it wasn't even me!"

Dinobot: "What in the inferno are you?"
Dinobot Clone: "What you might have been, had you not betrayed Megatron."

Megatron: "Oh, you are an enchanting creature! I may just clone the rest of my troops."

Megatron: "Well. I guess my revenge must be postponed until next week!"

Rattrap: "If there was a clone, then where is he, huh?"
Dinobot: "I'm afraid he's gone for good. A shame, really. He was such a handsome creature. And... quite tasty." -flicks off piece of meat from his teeth-
Optimus Primal: -Beat- "You're disgusting."

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