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Default Botcon 2010 Info Thread | UPDATE: Double Punch and Slicer

Your all purpose Botcon 2010 info thread.



Double Punch, redeco of Energon Scorponok, and Slicer, repaint of Energon Downshift confirmed as exclusives:


Turbomaster Scorch and Shattered Glass Ravage

Rapido, too - a remould/deco of Universe Prowl.


Punch/Counterpunch revealed @ TF Club. Images up @ Seibertron.

And Clench, redeco/remould of Universe Onslaught:


Sky-Byte, redeco/remould of Energon Sharkticon; and Gnaw, also a redeco of Energon Sharkticon.

Spotted @ Tao Bao, via The Allspark.


G2 Streetwise, redeco of Universe Prowl:


Botcon 2010 convention brochure.


Part of this year's box set is Autobot Spark, a redeco of Universe Inferno. Colour scheme is based on Pyro. Images up @ TFW2005.

Joining Spark Pyro in the box set is G2 Breakdown, a redeco/remould of Universe Sideswipe/Sunstreaker. Also brought to you by TFW2005.


Older News:

Punch/Counterpunch, redeco/remould of Universe Sideswipe/Sunstreaker, and Shattered Glass Cyclonus, orange and red redeco of Universe Cyclonus.

Elite Guard Dion, redeco of Universe Hot Shot

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