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Dark Voyage
Airdate: 27 January 1997
Written By: Samuel Warren Joseph
Japanese Title: "Around and Around the Jungle"

Rattrap, Cheetor, Dinobot and Rhinox digs around, and they find several pieces of Energon crystals. Scorponok opens fire on the energon, and one of his darts hit the unstable energon, detonating it impressively. Scorponok and Waspinator, confident that nothing could survive the explosion and giddy with success, return to base to report their victory.

However, the four Maximals have survived, but energon poisoning suffered during their explosion causes them to go blind. Rhinox calms his panicked comrades down, telling them to transform into beast modes to prevent more poisoning, and that they had to get moving, in hopes of getting back to base, or at least present a moving target to their enemies. As they enter a jungle, their lack of vision causes numerous bickering to break out (especially among Dinobot and Rattrap), with Rhinox repeatedly being a peacemaker. A large snake attacks Cheetor. Dinobot tries to help, but comically runs into a tree. Rattrap distracts the snake, and Rhinox tosses it away.

Tigatron and Optimus Primal goes off to search for the missing Maximals. Meanwhile Scorpy and Waspy gets told off by Megatron for not ensuring the Maximals' deaths, and now follow the trail of energon radiation left behind by the blind Maximals. Waspinator opens fire on the blind Maximals when they cross a log bridge over a waterfall, causing the four to drop down to the churning water below. Terrorsaur arrives, and tells them to make sure the Maximals are really dead.

The four Maximals wash up on a shore, but Rhinox tells them not to give up. As the Predacon fliers pass overhead, the Maximals bar Rhinox transform. Rhinox tells them to imagine the targeting grid from training, and then, heightening his senses in a zen-like way, Rhinox tells the other three where to aim. The firefight alerts Tigatron to where the Maximals are, and the blinded Maximals take down Terrorsaur. However, being in robot mode causes the blinded Maximals to suffer from more energon poisoning, and drop into stasis. Luckily, their rescuers arrive in time. Later, the Maximals emerge from CR chambers, repaired. Rhinox says that the experience is educational, and goes off to sniff some flowers.

Featured Transformers: Rattrap, Cheetor, Dinobot, Rhinox, Scorponok, Waspinator, Megatron, Tigatron, Optimus Primal, Tarantulas, Terrorsaur

(Two out of Ten)
One of the worst episodes in Beast Wars. While not as stupid as 'Call of the Wild', it's still more of the 'one with nature' stuff, and the Maximals spending almost the entire episode in Beast Mode is a little boring. Still, there are some hilarious moments (like Dinobot going all flat-cake as he slams into a tree) but are not enough to save the episode from being dull. The dialogue is sub-par, although Dinobot delivers several memorable lines.

Other than the impressively animated energon explosion, every action sequence is banal and way too long. Fighting the snake, crossing the bridge, pointless bickering, Waspinator and Scorponok being total idiots... while not as low as some of the worse G1 episodes, it's still rather bad. The plot itself suffers from unoriginality, especially considering we had the Maximals stuck in their Beast Modes for two consecutive filler episodes. The only difference is that last time they were nuts, this time they had cataracts.

The mushroom cloud explosion is a real explosion with a CGI background, which is why it's so impressive.

As previously noted, Dinobot slams into the tree and flattens, then flutters to the ground Bugs Bunny style. Also, when Rhinox flings the snake away, there's a hard thud sound effect followed by an elephant bellow.

It's worth noting that Dinobot's optics can still fire lasers although he's blind.

Since Cheetor is the size of a real cheetah, the snake that attacked them must be massive. Don't think any snake, extinct or otherwise, is that big.

When Optimus Primal first appears, his left arm is slightly smaller than his right.

Rhinox can smell water, although water is odourless.

After the initial explosion, the underside of Rattrap's chin is white like his glazed eyes. However, when he falls into stasis lock, it's in his usual red.

At the end of the episode, when Rattrap thanks Rhinox for saving them, his face is charred and beaten up. After the camera pans to Dinobot for a while, his face is clean as usual.

Quote, Unquote
Cheetor: "Nice find, Dino-miner. You're even better at this than Rattrap!"
Dinobot: "Mm. I'm better at everything than Rattrap."

Rhinox: "Listen to me. You've all got to calm down."
Dinobot: "Calm. Down?" -screaming- "WE CAN'T SEE!"

Dinobot: "What irony. For a warrior like me to go out blind, wet and helpless."

Rhinox: "I'm gonna go smell some flowers."

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