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Originally Posted by Cliffjumper View Post
I thought that, but then $48.99 isn't ludicrous for this sort of thing compared to the amount Cliffjumper upgrade kits were, especially as IIRC they each have additional combiner bits like hands, feet and a pair of guns for the back... Not going to because of the Energon figures, but they could have been pricier.
Oh, for sure, the price isn't bad by fan-made product standards. $50 is pretty pricey for a couple of scout-class toys, though, if you're not interested in the gestalt mode.

And if you did want to try to make a G1-accurate Bruticus using these guys, you'd have to source the other three Combaticons from different sets. The Universe/ROTF set has a good Vortex but none of the other components are very G1. Energon Barricade has Onslaught's colours so he'll do for that. And neither set has a good Brawl, although I'd go with the Energon one as slightly better -- even if the colours approximately match, the scout tank mold is so distinctively different that there's only so much you can do to make him look like Brawl.

They've done a great job considering what Hasbro gave them to work with, but if I got this set I'd still be left with two of the Combaticons and three Energon toys that vaguely look like the other three.
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