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Originally Posted by glazios View Post
I hate to sound like a miserable sod, but it strikes me that a fairly-large chunk of the trailer doesn't actually, well, do anything.

Unlike the City Commander trailer, much of which is actually fitted onto the figure, it looks to me that only the roof of the Protector trailer becomes armour and the rest turns into some kind of weapons platform.

Think I'll have to wait until we see some colour, for me to make up my mind on this... so far, it's rather underwhelming compared to their latest releases, and even the City Commander trailer that came before it.
Same here. I don't want to pay extra money for a useless trailer converting to a weapon platform. I just want an awesome Rod.

For the color prediction, how much will he change away from red, yellow, and orange? I don't think so. Maybe add in more black.
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