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Originally Posted by Paul053 View Post
Same here. I don't want to pay extra money for a useless trailer converting to a weapon platform. I just want an awesome Rod.

For the color prediction, how much will he change away from red, yellow, and orange? I don't think so. Maybe add in more black.
Hmm, maybe...

But here's a thought that's worrying me a little -- this trailer has been largely, if quietly anticipated since FansProject released the first mockup pictures some monthes ago, but what if, now that they've released the prototype photos, people start loosing interest due to the trailer largely being a battle station, like the original Gen1 Rodimus?

Granted, they can depend on sales from completists, and the fact that that it is an homage might be a draw for Gen1 collectors. Also, the fact that only so many will be produced will shield them from incurring too big a financial loss, but what will FansProject do if the rest of their fanbase decide not to pick it up? They could stand to lose a lot of money.

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