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Originally Posted by Notabot View Post
My question on these items is this: What happens with the resale value? Not just in the couple months after release because everyone wants it, but after a few years. Are these things re-sellable at a profit, or do they typically fade into obscurity?
Personally, I can't justify paying that kind of money to spruce up a toy. For that kind of money, I could probably make something similar myself (or, if I wanted it to look nice, hire Clay to do it for me).
Their first set (a new head and bumper for Cliffjumper with some guns) sold for $30 or so, and is now several hundred. The Ultra Magnus kit started at $80 or so and ballooned from there. I don't know the typical price, but the demand was such that they re-released it with the missile launchers and the gun included.

I haven't paid much attention to the trailer for Classics Prime, so I don't know its story. I have the Superion parts kit (which is very nice!), but I haven't followed it to see if it's a sell out or not.

With the Rodimus kit, I'd imagine it will do very well as it does 'complete' the toy, if not to the extent that the Ultra Magnus kit did. I think it will be more sought after than the Prime trailer, for sure.

Originally Posted by Paul053 View Post
Same here. I don't want to pay extra money for a useless trailer converting to a weapon platform. I just want an awesome Rod.
It's not useless - it's an homage!
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