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Homages excuse everything - repaints of Cybertron figures, lack of articulation in modern figures, Animated, the lot. Indeed, if you can also namedrop whoever was responsible for said homage, you win the internet.

I guess the problem with resale value is it's a lottery - if there's huge demand, I suspect Fansproject or similar would have no problem just doing a second run (even, like Magnus, making the new one better). IIRC the Cliffjumper one was announced as limited edition and they've kept to that, but I think most of their projects since haven't been. I suspect that's always going to be in the back of a lot of prospective buyers' minds, and if you can be sure of one thing it's that however cool something is, Transformers fans won't stump up for it if there's half a chance it might be avaliable slightly cheaper at some undetermined point in the future. Because most of them are more concerned with not spending more than fellow Transformers fans on something than actually having something cool.
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