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I get what you're saying with the toys - Ultra Magnus' original Classics toy didn't look like Ultra Magnus. They can do the white Prime thing as much as they like, but I don't think anyone truly thinks that it's what Ultra Magnus looks like, and in this respect the City Commander set works so well because it makes the toy look like Ultra Magnus as opposed to a half-arsed Optimus Prime recolour.

Whereas Rodimus is less visually distinct - his robot mode is largely Hot Rod but a bit bigger (especially in any media where the kibble's compacted down), and his vehicle mode is Hot Rod with a box on the back.

I think the difference for me is that if you have an upgraded Magnus next to, say, Classics Prime on the shelf they're going to look like two quite different figures. If you have Rodimus and Hot Rod next to each other Rodimus is going to look like Hot Rod wearing platforms and a bit of armour (Victory Rodimus?). I'm not blaming Fansproject for that, it would just knock the appeal of this set for me.
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