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Coming of the Fuzors Part 1
Airdate: 2 November 1997
Written By: Bob Forward
Japanese Title: Enter the New Warriors! Snippety-snip, Sir.

The Predacon base's sensors detected two stasis pods that have crashed in Delta Quadrant. Desperate for more troops, Megatron and Inferno heads off to claim them. Waspinator buzzes around, noting that there is only one moon now, before saying 'Waspinator knows!'. Dinobot is also observing the single satellite from afar. Dinobot sneaks into the Predacon base and walks towards where the Golden Disks are kept. Waspinator is there too, and Dinobot grabs him. They confirm their observations about the moon, and that they are on Earth now. The Disks can foretell the future. Surprisingly, Waspinator offers to join forces with Dinobot to steal the Disks, but Dinobot instead throws Waspinator onto the forcefield, overloading it. Dinobot steals the Golden Disks, escapes and blasts the computers.

Blackarachnia hauls Tarantulas' body to his lab and half-heartedly shoots Dinobot. Meanwhile, having been reduced into a crushed cube but ignored by Blackarachnia, Waspinator drags himself into the restoration chamber, grumbling all the way.

Meanwhile, the Maximals have found a sparkless, 'blank' protoform. Tigatron and Airazor, meanwhile, head out for an extensive survey to see the effects that the Planet Buster has on the planet. Rattrap is not impressed at the blank protoform, but Rhinox seems to have a use for it. Elsewhere, the two pods activate their DNA scanners but they malfunction, and the Transformers emerge, finding themselves a strange fusion of two animals. One is a wolf/eagle, while the other is a scorpion/cobra. The scorpion/cobra thinks that he could beat the wolf/eagle up, and attacks. Inferno arrives and attacks both of them. Megatron, observing the three-way battle, alters the new Transformers' command codes into Predacons. Megatron introduces himself and tells the confused Fuzors that they are Transformers. The scorpion/cobra Fuzor names himself Quickstrike, while the wolf/eagle names himself Silverbolt.

Meanwhile, Dinobot, ruminates to himself about the Golden Disks., debating with himself about destiny and whether he should peek and find out how he would die. (For a complete transcript of his monologue, see the quote-unquote section). He decides to be the master of his own fate, and resolves to know the truth, but later. He places the real Golden Disk under a rock, and takes the Alien Disk to the Maximal Base.

At the Maximal Base, Rattrap dispatches Cheetor to find Dinobot, while Rhinox hooks himself up to a massive piece of machinery. Cheetor encounters the now four-strong Predacon army. Cheetor contacts Rattrap, who tries to wake Rhinox up. However, the computer informs him that any disturbance to Rhinox or the machinery will separate Rhinox's consciousness from his body. Dinobot arrives with the Alien Disk and asks Rattrap what's going on, since Sentinel is under full alert. Dinobot and Rattrap arm themselves with additional weapons, and decides to take the fight away from the base.

Meanwhile, Tarantulas' mind is restored to his now Transmetalized body, but a strange side-effect kicks in. Tarantulas now has a psychic link with Blackarachnia. Megatron contacts Waspinator, who tries to tell his leader about the theft of the Disks, but Megatron orders Waspinator to rendezvous with the other Predacons. On a dusty plain, the Predacons, double the Maximal numbers, prepare to attack.

To be continued...

Featured Transformers: Inferno, Megatron, Waspinator, Dinobot, Tarantulas, Blackarachnia, Rhinox, Rattrap, Cheetor, Airazor, Tigatron, Quickstrike, Silverbolt

(Nine out of Ten)
Much better. This is how you introduce characters, by making them integral to the story. After the hullabaloo last episode, this issue gets back into form. Dinobot's dialogue is superbly scripted in this episode, and he even quotes Hamlet again! And references to Predator and old Western films... You don't get that in All Hail Megatron, do you? Dinobot is characterized superbly in this episode, contemplating about destiny and such. Meanwhile, Megatron is back to form. He's no longer a bumbling idiot, but rather retains the more sinister plotter we saw at later episodes in Season One. And he still manages to be a ham. Inferno, Waspinator and Rattrap all get nice scenes to themselves, especially Rattrap's dealing with leadership. Waspinator's little bout of alliance, while a little out of character, does lead into one of the more hilarious scenes ever.

The new guys introduced are Quickstrike and Silverbolt. Quickstrike, is just another trigger-happy trooper, but his accent and awesome alternate mode endears me. He's more interesting than his earlier counterpart, Scorponok, anyway. Silverbolt is like an overblown hero, like someone out of a storybook, with a simple black-and-white outlook, a stark contrast to, say, Rattrap. The Spiders' treacherous planning is handled much better than Starscream or Terrorsaur, and it doesn't interfere yet with the main story. Rhinox is obviously trying to revive Primal, that much is certain, which is a shame since it seems like next episode would be a big Primal toy advertisement. It's a much better start to a two-parter than 'The Trigger' and much more interesting. While toy advertising is still rampant with the Transmetals and Fuzors, it's not made such a big deal like last episode. Dialogue is simply fantastic. And the cowboy homage at the end, with the thing going into sepia... superb.

It's the debut of Quickstrike and Silverbolt. Quickstrike is a scorpion with a cobra head for his tail, while Silverbolt is like a Gryphon with wolf parts (and a wolf face) instead of lion parts. Quickstrike's character is based on a cowboy while Silverbolt is a somewhat akin to a chivalrous knight.

The way Dinobot covers himself in mud to avoid being seen by infrared sensors is a homage to Predator.

A third stasis pod can be seen near the Fuzors' two pods. Its occupant's corpse could be seen before Quickstrike and Silverbolt arrive. This is presumably the same protoform whose hand appears in the end of the last episode. Presumably it died because it didn't have a chance to scan an alternate mode.

Silverbolt's line as he makes up his name "I think my name is...Silverbolt. Yes! Pure, strong, and...and fast." is a reference to the first line of G1 cartoon's Silverbolt after being created by Vector Sigma.

Dinobot quotes Hamlet again, "To be or not to be." Afterwards, his line is a misquote from Ebenezer Scrooge from a Christmas Carol.

As he prepares to leave the Maximal base, Cheetor's Maximal insignia lights up and fills the screen, acting as a scene-wiping transition in the style of the G1 cartoon.

Dinobot carries ammo strips around his body in the style of G2 characters.

The final scene of the episode is a reference to old Spaghetti Western films, right down to the music, the tumbleweed, the slow-motion, the sepia tone at the end and Quickstrike.

After Megatron shoots Silverbolt, the smoke in his shoulder gun barrels (well, T-Rex hands) stay in the same place even when he is moving.

When Rattrap explains the situation to Dinobot, his thumb is golden, but the rest of his hand is the correct silver.

Why didn't Rhinox tell Rattrap what exactly he is planning to do?

Quote, Unquote
Waspinator: "Oh, sure. Don't mind Waspinator. Waspinator just lie here and suffer. Drag himself to CR tank."

Inferno: "Fool! Pain is my friend! Allow me to introduce you to it!"

Megatron: (to Silverbolt) "Teamwork and cooperation. Those are the Predacon watchwords."
Quickstrike: "How about backstabbin' and treachery?"
Megatron: "Oh, we can be flexible."

Rattrap: "What're you looking at? Hey, get your shiny new butt skyward and see if you can find chopperface before the Preds do."
Cheetor: "You mean fly?"
Rattrap: "Do I mean fly- no, I mean take a submarine. Of course I mean fly! Now get going!"
Cheetor: "All right!"
Rattrap: "-sigh- Optimus, how did you do it?"

Dinobot: "To be or not to be; that is the question. These disks I hold, are they a record of what will be, or only what may? For if, the future is indeed imutably foretold, then my demise is but moments from the confirmation. For I, I could not live if not the master of my fate. But if the future can be changed, if these disks record merely one path of all the myriad ways the cosmos might conform, then their power is infinite, and yet still limited. For they could be used but once, and in that change be rendered fiction, forevermore. I could destroy them! But no. It would be a coward's answer. I will know the truth instead. Then, it will be either them, or me, that face oblivion. Till then..."
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