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Sod Bruticus, the new figures look superb. But this picture shows you everything that's wrong with the set - BLAST OFF! SWINDLE! Er... Rotorstorm? That guy from the Destruction Team? Some sort of Vehicon general? Fansproject are a talented and resourceful bunch, and it's a shame their work is basically hamstrung by the original figure being dreadful.
Granted, "Blast Off" AKA Explorer and "Swindle" AKA Munitioner outclass the old Energon molds of Bruticus, the ROTF version doesn't do it better renaming one of the helicopters after Swindle instead of a tank and visa versa with a tank being named Blast Off.

FansProject, if they wanted to, could easily redo the whole set and bring out combiners of their own rather then making additions to an existing set. It's nice that they make improvements, but they could do so much more and better then that.
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