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Originally Posted by Cliffjumper View Post
Sod Bruticus, the new figures look superb. But this picture shows you everything that's wrong with the set - BLAST OFF! SWINDLE! Er... Rotorstorm? That guy from the Destruction Team? Some sort of Vehicon general? Fansproject are a talented and resourceful bunch, and it's a shame their work is basically hamstrung by the original figure being dreadful.
I don't see how "doesn't look like G1 characters who they were never supposed to be in the first place" equates to "dreadful", myself. Those three molds are some of the best to come out of A/E/C (damning with faint praise, I know), but they were never supposed to be Onslaught, Vortex or Brawl and if you think of them as distinct characters they work pretty well.

The new figures don't fit with the old ones at all, but you can't hang the blame for that on a bunch of Energon toys. It's FansProject's fault for looking at the Energon molds and saying "Eh, it'll do" instead of either going all-in and making new versions of all five, or designing two new limbs that matched the aesthetic of the Energon toys better. As it is I can't help but think they've completely missed the point of their own project.

[EDIT] Now I want to see that helicopter redecoed as Rotorstorm.
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