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Note: Please use correct formatting for the headings. Doing it afterward is a pain for the moderators that will proof and upload the thing. It would also be a huge help if you ran the review through a spelling/grammar check before posting, at the very least. And remember, this template may be boring, but your reviews don't have to be. Have Fun!

Name: Character's name
Function: What does the character do?
Subgroup: Toyline and/or price class
Size Class: the price class or size of the toy

Character's bio and quotes. Most can be found at or Please use italics to differentiate this part from the rest of the review.

Some people like to start with an introduction of the character's history, including previous toys, or a short description of the toyline the character is a part of.

Alternate Mode:

Description, points of interest, features, etc.

Robot Mode:

Description, points of interest, features, etc.

Marks out of ten for the following:

Transformation Design: How enjoyable is the transformation? 1=@$&#! 10=
Durability: What are potential problems over time or during play? 1=Breaks easily, 10=A brick.
Fun: Is it fun to play with? 1=BORING! 10=More fun than monkeys!
Aesthetics: Is this a good display piece? 1=Eyes...bleeding 10=Immaculate
Articulation: Does the articulation help or hinder posing the figure? Mention any problems with posing. 1=Greatly Hinders 10=Greatly Helps
Value/Price: Was the item worth the retail price? 1=Expensive, 10=Bargain.
Overall: Remember 5 is an average figure. 1=Leave it on the shelf, 10=Grab

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