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Originally Posted by NightHawk View Post
Hm, that would suck really...but since I have pre-ordered them I am not too afraid, eventually will get them. I'm more miffed about that ash cloud constantly closing down air traffic here in Europe which majorly delay orders coming from America.
Damn straight, dude, on all points. The ash cloud's going to be slowing things down on and off for a while, I think. I bought ROTF Bruticus and the Aerial Team Appendage kit a fortnight ago from eBay, one from Taiwan and the other from the Phillipines; both have been dispatched to my knowledge but neither of them has arrived yet.

If it's going to be this way for a while, and given that several meteorological services are saying that it is, I think we're going to have to just accept the fact and get used to it until the cloud breaks up... or whatever it is that volcanic ash clouds do when they eventually go away... _;;

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