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Originally Posted by NightHawk View Post
You too huh? I bought mine on May 8th on Ebay ... it will still take a day or two to arrive here, longer if that ash cloud keeps getting in the way. >.<
Mine arrived out of the blue this morning. Typical really; I spent most of last night trying to get in-touch with the seller just to get the damn tracking number out of him... *sigh*

Though all in all, I somewhat doubt the ash cloud is the influence of the Crossfire Set B being delayed, perhaps they got so many pre-orders that FansProject realized they would need to make more?
Yeah, I guess... In terms of their costs vs. turnover for this set, let's hope that's the case; it might mean that they'll produce a few more batches, so the set will be on the market a bit longer for those who really want it but can't afford it immediately.

Of course, that's not to say that those asshats at a certain auction site won't amp their prices and make a mint off it... and god help us if the bootleggers get ahold of one... _

Damn vultures...
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