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Originally Posted by NightHawk View Post
Sadly, there have already been made bootlegs of some of FansProjects stuff, mostly the Commander add on sets for Prime/Magnus.
'Ch... tell me about it. I can give first-hand testimony of just how shitty a bootleg FansProject City Commander is, trust me. The plastic quality is atrocious, and the construction and the moulding are a disaster area all by themselves.

The bootleg I found myself with when I first bought a City Commander trailer wouldn't even attach to the figure properly. Moreover, it looked and felt fake. I now have an actual City Commander trailer, and I can confidently attest to the difference between the actual FansProject product and a bootleg - the fake, which I sent back and demanded a refund for, doesn't even compare.

The difference, of course, is that the actual FansProject releases are made with professional skill and quality control, with hard durable plastic and a certain kind of metal pin that I've only ever seen used by FansProject; the bootlegs by comparison are made from cheap plastic and carelessly chugged out of faulty moulds - they're made to cash in on what FansProject have created, and the bootleggers don't care about the quality or the breakability of what they produce, just so long as it makes them their money.

That's the difference.
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