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Revenge of the Bay.

Totally agree. She should have just tossed Wheelie to Sam in the dorm instead of through the window and then gone for good (or fall and died out of the car after Grindor hooked it). It is absolutely unnecessary having her running around with Sam in the dessert.

Honestly I don't care about any love story in Transformers movie, but unfortunately in Hollywood dictionary, no love story means no movie.
She ran with Sam cause apparently some guys just love to see women run. Personally said, they ALL should have died when Grindor dropped the car cause in reality it would be damn hard to survive that crash that they made.

I always disliked Mikaela's presence, she's no Carly (whom I disliked as well, she was too...perfect, always had an idea) and let alone a Saari, hell...I'll take Saari's character over Mikaela anytime, least she proved useful more then once.
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