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Despite being blind-packed, apparently they have different barcodes -- if you really want a certain minifig you can compare the barcodes until you find the right one. That's excessively nerdy even for me, though.

I haven't actually seen them yet. Do they come bagged or boxed? If they're in a bag you could probably tell by touch what you're getting.
They come bagged. And yes, you can tell by feel. That's how I managed to stay away from a couple that I really didn't want. Cheerleader? No thanks. Found one that I couldn't really place, and it turned out to be a Forestman.

Anyways, I was there less than a week ago, and they had roughly 8 left out of a box of 20 or 30 I'm guessing. My wife and I returned there yesterday to look for baby stuff at the attached Babies R Us, and they didn't have any more, and the box was gone too. So I don't know if this was some fleeting sale, or if they will bring more in. I'm hoping for the latter because the Native American and Caveman minifigs we're fraggin' cool...

Also, they completely stocked up on the new 'Kingdoms' line, which will replace the 'Castle' line. To my knowledge, the Kingdoms stuff wasn't supposed to be out until August, but they had all the sets available. Too bad we have no money (i.e. the Babies R Us part) to invest in a $100 Lego castle.
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