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Originally Posted by inflatable dalek View Post
I was assuming the new woman would be playing a new character, is it confirmed it's recasting? Sort of agreed on Katie Holmes in that I thought the part was a rather thankless one so it didn't really matter who played it so they might as well have kept her.
Well I got the impression it was a recast, rather than a new character, but from the provided link it didn't give anything conclusive, just a brief comparison looks wise between the two.

PLus there's the oft mooted 'Going in a new direction' which to me suggests a move away from the love angle for Sam and onto something, hopefully, darker. Although in the land of Bay, this may just translate to a slow pan to another slow motion beauty as opposed to maybe killing the character off and intorducing some genuine loss.

I really hope Bumblebee comes a cropper at some point, that's the real love story in TF Movieverse for me, have him lost, blown up or reduced to a Rogue Trooper esque talking hat.

Oh and have Barricade running over stock footage of Megan Fox, before exploding inexplicably. How's that for tying up loose ends?
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