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I like the idea of the stock footage/body double death and an embittered Sam; it just wouldn't gel with the pyrotechnic fun that much would be the problem. I mean, assuming Mikaela's killed (and can anyone see any other halfway plausible way of writing her out that wouldn't just ring of spite?), Sam's not just going to get over her and go out on a panty raid with the twins... The easiest thing to do would be to write out Sam too and forefront NEST, but whether one-eyed fanboys realise it or not, to real people Shia's box office.

From Fox's POV, I doubt she's that fussed. Her career seems to be taking off regardless, and she can probably find a better-paying more central role instead of being tied to a contractual obligation. I find it hard to dislike the girl, TBH - while I don't agree with an awful lot of what she says, it's nice that she speaks her mind.
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