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People seem to forget that we're viewing the TFS through decades of fiction and lore, the human element is vital to the TF casual or newcomer, I for one really love the human element of the films. The balance in the first one is perfect for me.

I do like ROTF, not as much as the first, but it gave me more of the same and stands up well to repeat viewing, the human elements may grate for some people, but the stand out emotional scenes in ROTF are things like Sam and his Dad in the desert. Yet there is more robot focus, the Prime/Forest smackdown, the Jetfire Exposition plot, the Twins, if you count robot dialogue and action scenes (I haven't) you may find an overall percentage increase.

Who knows or cares!?

The wmotional crux should always be a balance, in my opinion, between TF and human, the relationship between Bumblebee and Sam in the first film is played out beautifully considering the material.

That's the focus I would prefer in the third film, not TF centric or specifically human centric, the films wouldn't work with a heavy balance one way or the other. A TF only movie using the movie models would be very hard to follow, the more detail on the metal the harder it is to follow what's going on I think.
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