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Personally I find that for the films the... careful use of Transformers for the large part makes them all the more impressive. The visuals (and Transformers is largely centered on visuals, whether people admit it or not... even the best text-based stories are fired by us visualising brightly-coloured action figures) in live action work best with scale, otherwise what's the point? The interaction on both a physical and emotional level is the best stuff. To my mind, the visually incomprehensible scene on the Nemesis basically showed why live action would struggle to do, say, a story set on Cybertron - metal tends to blend into metal on screen unless you want everyone in bright primary colours.

I felt ROTF did up the robots considerably - there's very little appreciable time where there's not a Transformer on screen (okay, so they're in disguise, but they're still Transformers...), compared to the first one (where Bumblebee, Barricade and Frenzy flit in and out of the action for the first half and there's a whole subplot full of characters who don't share a scene with a Transformer until much, much later). So they're Transformers that not a lot of fans like? Tough tits, some of the mouthbreathers wouldn't be happy even if it was a live-action version of Evangelion (Ideon [as in the one Evangleion is ripped off from] was ****ing excellent, there's no need for a live action version).

ROTF did have problems, but I don't think a non-existent bias towards human characters was the problem, it was simply pretty badly structured by effectively peaking in the forest, having an overlong quest sequence and then a big desert battle that just fell a little short due to a bit too much focus on generics versus generics instead of putting the 'named' characters from both sides in the thick of things a bit (seriously, we catch the odd glimpse of Scrapper while there are protoforms hogging the camera, and Jolt, Sideswipe and Ratchet hide in the background of shots while NEST grunts are at the front of the defence).

Most people watch for the Transformers and the humans - you speak to many non-fans and they'll be on about Shia or Fox or Duhamel as much as the robots.

The funniest thing is that great TF-focused stories are out there all over the place, such as the better Marvel comics, not to mention things like The Hub. So what's the big deal if the films took a different angle?
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