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I'm kind of getting the feeling that Ironhide's ressurection is due to a "save point" kind of thing. Whatever caused it was obviously before Cybertron started to tear itself apart.

Which would work fine if the "present day" Ironhide body wasn't being used in the present day parts.

His memory could be returning slowly, I suppose. The thing I'm finding really interesting is that his body in the days of Nova Prime's rule is different than it is later on.

The Autobots may not have an army, per se, at the beginning. If Costa's constantly drawing on the toon for inspiration, it may well be that the workers far outnumber the warriors. Once the warriors organized under Megatron as a political and military force(I haven't read Origin and I don't intend to), the Autobots would have had to organize their own army.

The story does seem to be getting more interesting. When's it coming out?
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