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Having not read enough of Costa's writing on anything else, let alone Transformers, to know how good he is at pulling this stuff off, a clone makes as much sense as anything else.

Looking at the medbay he woke up in, though, tells a slightly different story. If he'd woken up in a stasis tube, or been in a repair cocoon, that'd be one thing. But he wasn't. He was just..... there, lying on a table. If the Swarm is Insecticons as opposed to a nano-based lifeform that spreads out like a huge, dark cloud, then the big mystery is what rebuilt him.

Clone? At this point, it seems the best bet. The problem is, why is be in his Earth body, instead of one of his earlier ones? Which leads into the big question of why? Let's hope Costa's a good enough writer to give us a really good answer.
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