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'Cept that according to the yahoo story, the VM chick is slated to play opposite Shia.

Though I guess that could technically mean anything. Who knows, maybe they'll hate each other?
While I'm not telling you anything you don't already know, the phrase is often used to describe adversaries and the like - Heath Ledger to play the Joker opposite Christian Bale's Batman.... It's one of those phrases the media just generally use as if it's interchangable with "in the same film as" without stopping to think what the words actually mean (thinking about it "to play opposite" would largely imply a villain in this sense, opposite to the hero, Sam).

It wouldn't stun me if there's just no mention of Mikaela, at all. I mean, if the film keeps with the release date as the present like the last one did, it could be two years since they split up or whatever, and they were only together two years too. Sam's shown form for straying a little, Mikaela's shown form for being a mite paranoid, freaking out when he'd been in college for a few days. It happens in real life that people leave for university or college determined to be faithful to their lover back home and change their minds when they've been away for a while.

Mikaela also isn't particularly closely tied to the Autobots or NEST - to them she's Sam's occasionally helpful girlfriend. Aside from Wheelie and (probably) the twins, do any of the Autobots even speak to her in ROTF? When Prime wants an ambassador, he doesn't bother calling her up, and both Ironhide and Sideswipe only seem to notice him running towards them in the desert...
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