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Originally Posted by Halfshell View Post
You're just scared of having a good time and realising that you're as big a geek as the rest of us.
I'm a bigger geek than all of you put together. Most of you pootle around with your one transforming toyline, whereas I'm obsessed with about forty. The dealer room would be a killing zone for me because it'd be full of one-eyed morons who'd see a Voltes V and think it was a knock-off of Dai Atlas or something and mark it as a fiver.

Also, I'm fairly sure you don't have to compliment Andy "Andrew" Wildman to be allowed to touch him. You just have to ask Furman's permission. Nah, I'd probably be nice enough to them, there's something inside me that stops me from being as horrible to old and/or homeless people as much as they really deserve (everyone else gets their share).
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