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Originally Posted by Sades View Post
I for one have given up hope on most of the "give me your face" being intelligent enough to justify the cost of a full-price ticket so am hoping that "dat a$$!" can at least keep me distracted long enough in between "ooohh... giant robot go smashy-smash" es.
And that's the sad thing... most people seem to have traded up on seeing the transformer characters for the human ones, primarily Sam and Mikaela, which is presumably why everyone's so pissed off.

So long as we get equal amounts of transformer screentime as human screentime, I don't particularly give a toss either way, because I'll likely go and see it regardless.

But seriously, these idiots who're touting that TF3 will bomb at the boxoffice simply because the production has jettisioned Megan Fox need to get a life.

Christ, some of them think Jennifer's Body was a screaming success... which is a load of shyte...
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