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Well, WFC is, I gather, set on Cybertron long, long ago - it's The War Within to TF:Prime's DW Generation 1. That way WFC can tie into the main line without confusion for the general public, and without an awful lot of it getting in the way of TF:Prime.
Ah. Makes more sense.

But I'm a little worried about the aesthetics. WFC leans more on a modernized G1, while Prime is more of a 'simplified Movie'. But it's still too early to judge, I guess.

Not entirely sure how a video game could be properly tied into a continuity anyway due to the fact, presumably, that the player can decide the outcome (i.e. whether the Decepticons or the Autobots win).
According to press releases, the Decepticon campaign and the Autobot campaign would be a continuous story instead of the Movie games where the faction that the player plays would utterly destroy the other.

The Decepticon campaign would happen prior to the Autobot campaign, or something like that, IIRC.
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