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Of course, Jazz's death made just as much sense in the movie. "I'm tiny and have been a war-hardened soldier for thousands of years, but I'll fling myself alone at this bloodthirsty behemoth and OH NO! MY LEGS!"
Eh? He basically sacrifices himself so Lennox and co. can pull back with the Allspark - Jazz realises he's dispensible in the grand scheme of things and buys them time. It works, too - instead of pressing home the attack Megatron decides to whip Jazz away and kill him in a needlessly sadistic fashion, allowing the Rangers/S7 troops to form a defensive position, also giving time for Optimus Prime to get into Mission City and run extended interference. If Jazz hadn't have squared up to Megatron, the Allspark convoy would have been overrun then and there, but he buys them time to regroup after Starscream's attack.
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