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Haha that cover with Bumblebee riding Thundercracker amused me, take that Predacons! Could the ongoing have finally discovered a sense of humour? Although if the joke is that the entire issue is Spike's internal monologue on the rowing machine it could be less funny than intended.

I have no concept of the character Drift and have no intentions of reading that.

The Sector 7 could be quite interesting, elaborating on the people who originally buried Megs in the dam? Some G-Man subterfuge and J Edgar Hoovering could be a lot of fun if done correctly. This could be the first movie tie in comic I'm intrigued by as it's probably going to be a Forrest Gump esque romp through history and I enjoy a romp.

I always knew Barricade was on the grassy knoll, ARE YOU LADIES MAN NUMBER 1? *pow pow pow*

Back and to the left...
Back and to the left......
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