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It really would NOT have been better. The story wasnt too packed, just lacked a main focus (odd given its title) And lots of it didnt make sense.

Anyway, love the ongoing cover. Agreed that a bit of humour (a-la LSOTW) would greatly benefit the ongoing.

I agree on the ongoing cover. Is it just rallye stripes, or ist that Bumblebeewearing his Camaro suit again? I'm not quite sure, but wasn't there an early Marvel issue with Blaster riding some Cons in a similar fashion?

D'accord on the misleading series title, too. "Roots of War" was a fanmade alternate I once read on a forum.
Still, I think, the whole affair would've faired better without those gaping holes: Some more Autobots suppressing poor workers - Megatron getting in contact with the gladiators and deciding to join them - Megs rising from gladiator to manager - ... There're some more, I think. Giving the story more space to unfold could have helped there.
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