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Default Transformers Prime TV show news and rumours

From Botcon attendees.

Prime will be a fully CG show. Movie set the bar, and they're pushing the limits for crazy awesome CGI on TV.

26 episodes so far.

Set in Movie continuity, small group of Autobots remaining on earth to thwart any returning Decepticons.

Optimus is leader, natch. Arcee's the girl.

Bulkhead!* Another Animated continuity transplant.

Ratchet, Bee and Cliffjumper round out core cast.

Decepticons: Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave.

Not revealing much more at this point.

Bots and Cons are spread throughout the universe- some in "sleeper mode", some are moving on, some are just plain lost. It'll allow them to expand the universe.

Jeff Kline grew up with the universe, and has enjoyed creating it and playing with it in various ways.

Trying to balance speaking to the established fans, and hooking kids coming in for the first time.

Why call the series "Prime"?* Nothing else could clear legal.

Seriously, though, it'll delve into what it means to hold the rank of Prime.


Series started production only 10 months ago, so the production lead times have been minuscule (consider, an episode of The Simpons takes nearly a year from concept to air)

Full CGI models aren't 100% complete yet.

Conceptual/flat art is being shown off at this point.

Trying to be as epic as possible; look and feel will be like nothing else on TV.

Sue Blu is back as voice director.(And probably Arcee.)

Megatron's voice is softer, more evil.

Prime is a little svelter, a little more Arthurian.

Buckethead is back for Megatron.

Canadian and other locations are under consideration; currently a US airing is all they have confirmed, since the focus is on the Hub.

Likely WON'T launch 10/10/10.

Writers have plots established until season 4, so Hasbro has a lot of faith in the longevity of the show.

There will be recurring humans but the show is mainly bot-centric.

Damaged models will exist for the cast along with robot, vehicle, and transformation.

Bulkhead is similar to Animated.

One Arcee not three and she's sassy.

Cliffjumper will get his own life and look.

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