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More news:

Bullet points so far:
  • Legends versions of G1 Prime, Megatron (as a gun) Prowl and Starscream
  • Scout Class Windcharger
  • Deluxe Scourge, Thunderwing, Skullgrin (Straxus remold), Tracks, WFC Cliffjumper, Jazz, Perceptor, Mindset (Hailstorm redeco), Fallback (Outback, ROTF Brawn redeco), a possible Reflector,
  • Voyager Grapple (Universe Inferno with a new head), a new Fallen and a new Lugnut (movie-style?)
  • A bunch of new Power Core Combiners
  • Some info on The 13
  • Apparently they would like to update some more of the cassettes at some point
No pics of any of this yet, but it sounds like Hasbro showed off at least some of this. Presumably they'll be posted in the usual places within a few hours.
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