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Glad they are separating Cliffjumper from his (lately) identical twin (sans color). Cliffjumper and Brawn were my very first Transformer toys (got them both at the same exact time) and I really do not like the whole "let's repaint Bumblebee just so we can save on the mould" idea. I understand the concept, but at least give the guy a different head sculpt, weapon or something.

I hope they don't go Ani-strange on his butt either. You know, where the writers are like "So the fans want something different, we are going to turn him into a truck or a munkee or sumthing just to show them."

I loved the BW/BM cgi, but did not like the Energon series. I hope this new series has a bit of grit like BW had where the toons were classic team iconocon stereotypes with a bit of flare.

Bigbot = heroic leader
Cheetor= rookie wants to be hero
Rattrap= shady good guy who's former bad ways help the good guys
Rhinox= tough guy weapons master
Dinobot= Bad guy turned good with a vengeance
Black Arachnnia= Femmebot with a chip on her shoulder to prove she's good enough to hand with the big bots.
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