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In fact, I'd guess most who did spaff the money on the Club one have a minty fresh Gen 1 original or two soullessly encased in acrylic... I don't think people buy exclusives for value for money... In fact, what's the going rate for a decent nick original Piranacon?

It can't be particularly less than $160, and probably isn't much of a difference from anyone reissued (Prowl, Soundwave, and Hound leap to mind as guys who were preposterously expensive pre-reissue... though it's amazing how much people are still willing to fork out for pre-rubs, original MIBs and the like... it's always amazed me, because even in the 1980s Transformers packaging was nothing special) before, apart from maybe Stepper and Soundblaster.
Hello! I have just joined your site. I hope you are all well

I bought the Club Seacons. I like the colours better than the originals (mainly 'cos I can envisage them swimming about in Cybertron's murky waters and looking a bit threatening. That wouldn't really work if you were er, neon pink and green!). I have also played with them loads! Hell, I spent enough on them joining the club for a year so they demand to be played with! And I liked the packaging too!

And...And..1980s Packaging was nothing special?! Those beautiful pieces of character art? The ace freizes on the back of the box? I love them! The only one that was a bit rubbish was Shockwave's. He looks like he's drunkenly staggering and about to poke someone in the neck with his gun arm.
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