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Er, on topic ( a little bit!) . I have a few of these blind packed mini-figures. I like 'em, although I've given up buying them now, after my fourth Caveman in a row! I've got the forestman, ninja, zombie, skater boi, caveman, cowboy & magician.

I also have duplicates (1 of each) of the skater boi, caveman, ninja & magician if anyone wants to trade. i do actually want the cheerleader, if someone has her and doesn't want her!

The barcodes are all the same on mine, which I bought from WHSmith (where they are 1.99). There's a second series due in September featuring a mexican with sombrero and maracas! i quite like that Lego have thought to get in on the collecting craze, but at 2 (3 in some places), you're not actually far off buying a small City set or something.

In other news, I've rather liked Lego's recent sets. I bought a load of City stuff last year and the level of detailing and complexity is impressive. I really like the farm stuff (they have pigs and cows!). Since about 2005, they seem to have been getting back to what made the range great in the first place, which means less of the 1990s/early 2000s 'three bricks builds the kit' nonsense.

I had a look over the Kingdoms stuff, and it looks alright, but a little bit 'Knights Kingdom'. I'll be sticking with my '80s Castle stuff!
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